This past week I started working on project #3. I made little progress on it. I was distracted by projects and exams in other classes and had a general lack of motivation. I continued to attend all my lectures and work through the quizzes and exercises in class.

I have been really overwelled by the amount of work I have. That coupled with a pretty much no motivation as made it very hard not to push everything up until the last minute. My work ethic needs to increase to keep up with everything that’s going on.

Try to stay more on top of things. I need to start working on assignments/projects as soon as possible and not push them off till the last minute. At the same time I will continue to attend lecture and pay attention ot my classes.

I thought the author did a good job at explaining what ISP is and concrete examples of bad design. For the first example about TimedDoors I felt the author gave purposely bad answers to illustrate at point when in reality very few people would of came up with the initial bad design to solve the problem.

I thought it was pretty clear. I liked professor Downing’s explanation of generics and their use. Overriding operators still gives me some trouble. The two exercises on Friday gave me some trouble but I felt like I completed them to the best of my ability.

I’m having fun gaming with some old friends which has kept me happy.

This is kind of a obscure pick-of-the-week. The article I linked is an explanation about using REGEX in Visual Studio search. This also works in VS code and it’s a great way to match complex strings when looking through a document. The REGEX can also be grouped and replaced which can be very useful in some scenarios.



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